Source code for mmdet.datasets.api_wrappers.coco_api

# This file add snake case alias for coco api

import warnings

import pycocotools
from pycocotools.coco import COCO as _COCO
from pycocotools.cocoeval import COCOeval as _COCOeval

[docs]class COCO(_COCO): """This class is almost the same as official pycocotools package. It implements some snake case function aliases. So that the COCO class has the same interface as LVIS class. """ def __init__(self, annotation_file=None): if getattr(pycocotools, '__version__', '0') >= '12.0.2': warnings.warn( 'mmpycocotools is deprecated. Please install official pycocotools by "pip install pycocotools"', # noqa: E501 UserWarning) super().__init__(annotation_file=annotation_file) self.img_ann_map = self.imgToAnns self.cat_img_map = self.catToImgs def get_ann_ids(self, img_ids=[], cat_ids=[], area_rng=[], iscrowd=None): return self.getAnnIds(img_ids, cat_ids, area_rng, iscrowd) def get_cat_ids(self, cat_names=[], sup_names=[], cat_ids=[]): return self.getCatIds(cat_names, sup_names, cat_ids) def get_img_ids(self, img_ids=[], cat_ids=[]): return self.getImgIds(img_ids, cat_ids) def load_anns(self, ids): return self.loadAnns(ids) def load_cats(self, ids): return self.loadCats(ids) def load_imgs(self, ids): return self.loadImgs(ids)
# just for the ease of import COCOeval = _COCOeval