mmdet.core.bbox.samplers.instance_balanced_pos_sampler 源代码

import numpy as np
import torch

from ..builder import BBOX_SAMPLERS
from .random_sampler import RandomSampler

[文档]@BBOX_SAMPLERS.register_module() class InstanceBalancedPosSampler(RandomSampler): """Instance balanced sampler that samples equal number of positive samples for each instance.""" def _sample_pos(self, assign_result, num_expected, **kwargs): """Sample positive boxes. Args: assign_result (:obj:`AssignResult`): The assigned results of boxes. num_expected (int): The number of expected positive samples Returns: Tensor or ndarray: sampled indices. """ pos_inds = torch.nonzero(assign_result.gt_inds > 0, as_tuple=False) if pos_inds.numel() != 0: pos_inds = pos_inds.squeeze(1) if pos_inds.numel() <= num_expected: return pos_inds else: unique_gt_inds = assign_result.gt_inds[pos_inds].unique() num_gts = len(unique_gt_inds) num_per_gt = int(round(num_expected / float(num_gts)) + 1) sampled_inds = [] for i in unique_gt_inds: inds = torch.nonzero( assign_result.gt_inds == i.item(), as_tuple=False) if inds.numel() != 0: inds = inds.squeeze(1) else: continue if len(inds) > num_per_gt: inds = self.random_choice(inds, num_per_gt) sampled_inds.append(inds) sampled_inds = if len(sampled_inds) < num_expected: num_extra = num_expected - len(sampled_inds) extra_inds = np.array( list(set(pos_inds.cpu()) - set(sampled_inds.cpu()))) if len(extra_inds) > num_extra: extra_inds = self.random_choice(extra_inds, num_extra) extra_inds = torch.from_numpy(extra_inds).to( assign_result.gt_inds.device).long() sampled_inds =[sampled_inds, extra_inds]) elif len(sampled_inds) > num_expected: sampled_inds = self.random_choice(sampled_inds, num_expected) return sampled_inds