mmdet.models.utils.make_divisible 源代码

[文档]def make_divisible(value, divisor, min_value=None, min_ratio=0.9): """Make divisible function. This function rounds the channel number to the nearest value that can be divisible by the divisor. It is taken from the original tf repo. It ensures that all layers have a channel number that is divisible by divisor. It can be seen here: # noqa Args: value (int): The original channel number. divisor (int): The divisor to fully divide the channel number. min_value (int): The minimum value of the output channel. Default: None, means that the minimum value equal to the divisor. min_ratio (float): The minimum ratio of the rounded channel number to the original channel number. Default: 0.9. Returns: int: The modified output channel number. """ if min_value is None: min_value = divisor new_value = max(min_value, int(value + divisor / 2) // divisor * divisor) # Make sure that round down does not go down by more than (1-min_ratio). if new_value < min_ratio * value: new_value += divisor return new_value